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"New from Factory RC are carbon fiber LockOut plates for the Avid/Schelle syle spur gears. These are 2mm carbon fiber plates milled to drop right into your favorite spur gears. At only 1.2 grams these can shed over 8 grams from your stock spur gear setup!*  

Made from 2mm carbon fiber, these plates are milled to drop right into your favorite Avid/Schelle spur gears.  You can drop these right into your Avid/Schelle slipper assembly removing precious rotation weight from your drivetrain. Don’t have the slipper assembly? That’s ok!  Pick up an Avid/Schelle spur gear and these Slipper LockOut™ plates and drop them into your car removing up to 8 grams compared to the stock spur and slipper assembly!* Drop in for the B5M, T5M, TLR 22, 22T, 22 SCT(1.0,2.0) and many other cars which utilize the Avid/Schelle slipper assemblies.

*We recommend using the stock spring/spacer assembly to allow the spur gear to self align. Additional spacers or shims maybe required depending on car and configuration. Weight savings vary upon hardware and spur gears used. Fitment onto the slipper is snug by design."

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