Yokomo Yz2 Upgrades
Avid-Scheele Slipper Eliminator plates for Yokomo & Kyosho CF 2mm (2pcs)
"New from Factory RC are carbon fiber LockOut plates for the Avid/Schelle syle spur gears. These are..
Yokomo "Laydown" 30mm Fan Mount
New Yokomo "Laydown" 30x10mm fan mount for the Yz-2T and those of you who are converting your buggie..
Yokomo Yz2 25mm Fan Mount
New from Factory RC!  Yz2 Ca/DT 25mm Cooling Fan mount. 3d printed from PETG for durability. A ..
Yokomo Yz2 Flat Arm Front Tower
Factory RC Yz2 Flat front shock tower. 4mm black carbon fiber material keeps with the "murdered" col..
Yokomo Yz2 Gear Box Shim Set 1, 2mm
New from Factory RC!Yokomo Yz2 gear box shim set allows 1mm and 2mm adjustments to the gear box heig..
Yokomo Yz2 Gullwing Arm Front Tower
Factory RC Yz2 Gullwing front shock tower. 3mm black carbon fiber material keeps with the "murdered"..
Yokomo Yz2 Rear Shock Tower
New from Factory RC is the latest Yokomo Yz2 Rear Shock tower. Made from durable 4mm black carbon fi..
Yokomo Yz2 Steering Block Plate CF
Factory RC Yz2 Steering block plate in 3mm black carbon fiber provides you with a "factory" fit and ..
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